2018 The Germany Frankfurt Prolight and Sound Exhibition in Germany ended perfectly


The four-days Frankfurt Light and Sound Exhibition in Germany ended perfectly in 13th,April,2018. During the exhibition,Hotion Technic made foreign customers realize the technology of independent innovation from Chinese lighting enterprises with its professional intelligent film and television lighting products, and it was greatly praised by customers.


At the same time, at the exhibition, the intelligent upmarket film and television products on display by the Hotion technology have surpassed the technical level of the famous European and American international famous brands. The products have filled a number of international gaps, and won the honor of national brand and Chinese enterprises.

                                                                   The Exhibits


The power of master X1 ParMaster-X1 is 150W, 3200K and 5600k color temperature optional, ultra-thin 260mm fuselage design, CRI is up to 97, R9 is 94, TLCI reaches 98, the maximum brightness can reach 11250LUX, as the only one parlight  with a zoom range of 55 degrees on the market, ParMaster-X1 was designed for replacing the 1000W Par64 halogen Parlight.

                                                                            Zoom Effect


                                                Cannon Par

The Cannon Par is a 150W COB LED powered fresnel par light with beam angle manually adjustable. It's beam angle include 9°, 15°, 20°, 25°, 35°. The brightness equals to 1000W halogen par64 lamp. It features low power draw but high output, DMX/RDM control, powerCon in&out, 5 beam angle selectable.

※ 9°,15°,20°,25°,35°Five beam angles selectable


                                  400W Pioneer 400 Zoom

The Pioneer 400 Zoom is a 400W 3200K or 5600K powered LED fresnel. Features motorized zoom range from 20°-60°. It's high power light output, high CRI, DMX, RDM, ArtNet, soft wash effect make this fixture a perfect replacement of the tradi- tional 2KW fresnels.

                                     Lighting Effect


※ Remark: The Hotion HD LED products have more than 20 national utility model patents, counterfeiting must be investigated. Remenber to abide national laws and respect intellectual property rights! At the same time, OVATION, HOTION and IFROG are trademarks registered by Hotion and are protected by law.

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