How to choose a suitable gobo?



Gobo is used to project image on a flat surface.

For theatrical lighting, gobos are distinguished into several sizes from large to small: A, B, M, D, M, E.


  OD IA  
A 100mm 68mm  
B 86mm 64mm  
M 65mm   50mm
D 53mm   40mm
E 37mm   28mm

OD (Outer Diameter) and IA (Image Area) are two determinants when choosing a gobo size. OD is the diameter of gobo, the value should be smaller than width of gobo holder, and larger than image area diameter.

Choosing material of gobo depends on whether color is neccessary. Metal gobo is for projecting white image on black background. Glass gobo is for projecting colorful image, but it's easy to be ruined.

Normally, it doesn't recommend gobo image area size larger than 32mm, it might cause fuzziness around edge of the image, reason is shortcoming of ponit light source optics: