CCTV-15《Super music express》


CCTV-15 is the China Central Television Music Channel. It is the earliest in China, the largest and most influential. National music channel, the channel mainly broadcasts Chinese classical music and world music and pop music.Rong, which strengthens the fusion of elegant art and popular art, has formed a channel style that combines fashion and elegance.Become a professional music channel with famous artists and featured programs. Super Music Express is CCTV music. Channel, the sound of the Chinese people's radio and television radio, the national first radio of China International Radio HiFTMThree integrated live interactive music programs. The program is designed to bring a new audiovisual  experience to the audience.

Hotion Technology is proud to provide lighting for the Super Music Express - 300W HD Zoom Color temperature imaging light (Honor 300 zoom), 300W high-definition zoom monochrome temperature imaging light is the high-end shadow of Hotion Technology. According to the main products of the lighting series, the LEds are made of foreign original high quality imported lamp beads and stable optical system.

This HD version of the imaging light is imaged without blue and yellow edges, clear and sharp, and can be in the range of 18°-36° Dynamic zoom, a perfect replacement for 19°, 26°, 36° traditional fixed-focus imaging lights. Therefore, this 300W zoom is ideal for 4K studios, theatres, museums and fashion shows.

Honor 300 Zoom