The report hall of the High School Affiliated to Capital Normal University (Tongzhou Campus) was successfully completed and accepted—welcome the school season


With the development of the times, various forms of performances are changing, and the requirements are getting higher and higher. The lecture hall is used as a place for the school to hold large and medium-sized meetings, academic discussions and famous teachers’ speeches. It also provides stage lighting configuration in the lecture hall to ensure The safety, ease of operation, and durability of stage lighting equipment meet the performance lighting effects, especially today's modern multi-functional lecture hall lighting equipment, which has become more and more sophisticated and advanced. It is extremely professional, so the application of lighting and sound systems in such environments is becoming more and more extensive and important. Some spotlights are used to illuminate the stage and illuminate the speaker, and some par lights are used for entertainment color rendering to enrich the stage's lighting level.

​​​​​The Lecture Hall of the High School Affiliated to Capital Normal University (Tongzhou Campus) chose Ovation for its lighting equipment, and its 300W zoom spotlights — 38 300W zoom spotlights as the main lighting to make the entire lecture hall more full of light.

In the lecture hall, a surface light is added at the top, which is composed of 200W LED panel lights. Taking into account the distance between the last row of the auditorium and the stage, when installing lighting, as far as possible, all audiences can see the stage clearly.

12 sets of 200W color spotlights can work stably under high power conditions, and are stable and reliable, using high-quality 200W RGBW color lamp beads, low energy consumption and high brightness. It has a 15-60° ultra-wide electric zoom, and a unique intelligent cooling system that enables it to run efficiently, stably and quietly.

12 sets—150W RGBW zoom par light with low energy consumption and high brightness. It has an ultra-wide zoom range of 25-80°, perfect color mixing and uniform light spot. At the same time, the matching performance can not only meet the needs of meetings and performances, but also take into account the dynamic requirements of performances.