ARIOSEYEARS 2018AWファッションショー


ARIOSEYEARS 2018AWファッションショーが5月16日にZhizhi工業団地で正式に開幕しました。そして、時間と空間の現在、領域と芸術の境界を曖昧にし、それぞれが融合するのを感じることを目指しています名前のファッションは無限です。

ARIOSEYEARS This show uses Morandi ash as the main tone, and uses the clear cement board to build the main T-stage. In order to create a high-quality space texture, ARIOSEYEARS specially rents the high-end intelligent film and television lighting equipment of Hotion Technology - 名誉300ズーム. The cool-toned lighting and the cement wall balance the visual experience, the classic retro cement cylinder and the modern geometric lines collide, and the pragmatic and avant-garde art is presented in the most intuitive way. Design is also art. Don't divide what is art and what is design. In fact, many things exist in the fuzzy boundary between the two, and cannot be distinguished or removed. This is also the theme of the ARIOSEYEARS fashion show.


ARIOSEYEARS 2018AWファッションショー