Ovation 200W Spotlight at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics!


On February 4, 2022, the 24th Winter Olympics will open in Beijing, and various sports will be held in Beijing and Zhangjiakou. Winter Olympic sports are divided into two categories: ice and snow: ice sports include ice hockey, curling, speed skating, figure skating, etc.; snow sports include sled, snowmobile, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, etc. During the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Zhangjiakou division will decide 51 gold medals, which is the division with the most gold medals. There are 4 competition venues, and there will be 2 major events (skiing, biathlon), 6 sub-events and 51 sub-events.

It is a great honor for ovation to provide the face of the Zhangjiakou mixed interview area for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. The lamps provided by ovation this time are 200W spotlights.


200w spotlight main features:

• Original imported lamp beads, stable and reliable, high brightness

• CRI 96, R9≥90, TLCI 98, CQS 94

• Brightness equivalent to conventional 575W bulbs

• 15-60° ultra-wide motorized zoom

• Smooth dimming without flicker

• Smart temperature control, ultra-quiet operation, suitable for studio and theater

• Four dimming curves are available

• Comes with four-leaf rotatable chiffon

Affected by cold weather, it will not be affected by weather and environment during the Beijing Winter Olympics, and can operate efficiently and stably. We have carried out constant temperature and humidity tests to ensure that the lamps that are not affected can also operate efficiently and stably. The constant temperature and humidity test is divided into two types: constant damp heat test and alternating damp heat test. With the difference of temperature, the influence of humidity on the equipment will be significantly different. The temperature and humidity have a significant impact on the performance of the equipment. The constant temperature and humidity test is to use a temperature and humidity machine with heating, cooling, humidification and dehumidification functions. Before the test, check whether the relevant functions and performance of the product are normal and take pictures, then place the product in the temperature and humidity machine, turn it on and set the temperature. Humidity machine temperature, humidity and test duration.

In addition to simulating the temperature and humidity conditions, considering that Zhangjiakou is cold in winter, when heavy snow, heavy fog, strong wind, strong warming and other conditions affect the temperature, we also did frost and wet freezing tests (alternating combined humid heat cycle), Frost on the surface of the product to be tested, simulate outdoor frost, evaluate the ability of materials to prevent water vapor diffusion, and accelerate the product's resistance to deterioration through wet freezing tests.

Environmental Simulation Test | Constant Temperature and Humidity Testing Machine