Hero 400 FB
Hero 400 FB

Hero 400 FB

Model NO.
Hero 400 FB
HERO 400 is a 400W LED light source cutting surface light. The color rendering index CRI and TLCI are as high as 95. Equipped with RGB CMY six-color pattern wheel + cooling film, electric cutting, and the cutting module can be rotated. Has a super silent mode suitable for use in studios, theaters, etc.

Main feature:

400w super bright white LED

Color rendering index, TLCI up to 95

A color wheel, RGBCMY color + cooling film

4 gratings realize fast and smooth cutting, and the cutting direction and angle of each grating can be independently controlled

The entire cutting module can be rotated

Electric zoom

Linear aperture

Double atomization effect (heavy atomization + light atomization)

Studio mode ultra-quiet operation

RDM-DMX control

Applicable scene



Large venue

Large stage/event

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