Shanghai Pudong Cultural Equipment Exhibition Gala en junio - CDEX y NABshow


Del 15 al 17 de junio de 2018, se celebró en el Nuevo Centro Internacional de Exposiciones de Shanghai el 91o CDEX 2018 Shanghai International Cultural Equipment Expo y el 91o Festival Internacional de Cine y Televisión de Shanghái en el nuevo Centro Internacional de Exposiciones de Pudong. de turistas nacionales y extranjeros.

CDEX2018 Shanghai international cultural Equipment Expo is a national culture and equipment application and innovation Expo sponsored by Shanghai, which is based on country and serves for the world. It is an

International professional exhibition that focus on modern innovation technology and cultural industry, cause,display new technology highly integrated with public culture,Integrated cases, innovative products and new cultural consumption scenarios.

NABShow,which is from the United States, has gathered the top brands and most advanced technology products,enjoying the reputation of "radio and television Oscar" in the industry,and it is a top event of radio, film and television, and the digital media entertainment industry in the world.

As a company focus on studio lighting,stage lighting,architecture lighting for 22 years,Hotion Technology display Honor 300 Profile Spot, Mini Leko 50,Look fog machine,CITC snow machine and Hero series moving head light in the Shanghai international cultural Equipment Expo E2 Pavilion J01-02 booth,received a good response from the customers.

CDEX2018 Exposición internacional de equipamiento cultural de Shanghai

Festival Internacional de Cine y Televisión de Shanghai Exposición de Tecnología de Medios (NABShow)

Hotion Booth

Hotion Exhibited Products

Mire la máquina de niebla y la máquina de nieve CITC:

Perfil de honor spot 300 y Mini Leko 50:

Cabezal de luz móvil serie Hero:

La exposición se enfoca en la tecnología moderna de innovación y la industria cultural, causa, muestra nueva tecnología altamente integrada con la cultura pública, casos integrados, productos innovadores y nuevos escenarios de consumo cultural, construyó una plataforma internacional de integración bidireccional, múltiple, transfronteriza, intercambio de tecnología , comercio de productos, comercio de productos, conocimiento e intercambio exitoso de modos de negocios.
Taking advantage of this opportunity, Hotion technology has shown China and the world the quality products made in China, and has made contributions to the improvement of the national brand image. Hotion technology will continue to pursue the concept of excellence and strive to enter the national high-tech enterprises, and continue to stride forward on the road of developing intelligent movie and studio lighting.Scan the two-dimension code to subsribe our Wechat subscription,to understand the lastest product trend of Hotion.