LED imitating solar spectrum technology was first applied to costume stage play


2022 Shanghai Theatre Academy "Wisteria Blossom" Master of Arts (MFA) Graduation Works Exhibition Season
MFA Graduation Works of Shanghai Theatre Academy's Class of 2019 Drama, Film and Television Screenwriters
Shanghai Theatre Academy Class of 2019 Lighting Design MFA Graduation Works
Shanghai Theatre Academy's 2019 character design MFA graduation work
The MFA mid-term works of the 2020 class director of the Shanghai Theatre Academy

12/16-12/18 nights, produced by the Graduate School of Shanghai Theatre Academy, MFA graduation work of 2019 drama film and television screenwriter, 2019 character design MFA graduation work, 2019 lighting design MFA graduation work, 2020 theater director MFA mid-term work , Jointly produced the magical realism of the Warring States Period "Xun Qin", which was officially performed in the Duan Diao Theater of Shanghai Theater Academy.

In the performance of the play, the whole performance lamps are all using LED light source. This is the first time that the entire performance of a Chinese costume stage play uses LED lamps without any other light sources. This is a great practice and attempt, worthy of being recorded in the annals of history. All the lamps and lanterns on the stage are provided by ovation, using patented solar spectrum technology. High CRI and simulated sunlight lamps help artistic tension and historical texture. ovation provided a batch of CTC300 two-in-one imaging lights, 1240 moving head lights, color sky curtain lights, 400W cutting lights. It effectively guarantees the stage art presentation of the play, creates an artistic atmosphere of prescribed scenes, and plays an indispensable role in shaping the changes in characters and the development of the story plot. It is highly praised by the director, cast and crew and audiences of the play.

"Xun Qin" tells a magical story of the Warring States period and maps the eternal topics of life and death, destiny, and love. It uses Chinese national musical instruments, symphony orchestras, and electroacoustic instruments to create various styles of music. Sound effects express the emotional changes in the characters' hearts, make the characters more three-dimensional, and strengthen the theme of the drama. The music renders and deepens the plot structure between the flow of the curtain and the curtain, and blends with the lighting and the stage art.

Plot summary:
Tian Jian, a boy in Qi State, lost his father since childhood, and could see the peculiar mark on the forehead of others. His mother Qi Wei has been trying to conceal the truth. Tian Jian never lost his curiosity. He was involved in the "Five Kingdoms Fighting Qi" incident, trying to explore the mystery of his father who worked for King Qin many years ago, but he did not know the end, and King Qin was also hunting him down at the same time.

Use lamps:

CTC300 two-in-one imaging light

main feature :

• 300W warm white +300W cool white output

• Color temperature 2700K-7000K adjustable

• CRI 97, R9 ≥ 90, TLCI 98, CQS 94

• High-definition optics, clear imaging, no blue or yellow edges

• 18-38° all-in-one zoom range

• 16-bit smooth dimming, no flicker

• Knob, button, DMX control dimming

• Intelligent temperature control, ultra-quiet operation, suitable for studios and theaters

• RDM function facilitates remote address code adjustment

• Compatible with industry standard interfaces, easy to replace and upgrade

1240 moving head light

main feature :

• 12*40W RGBW 4 in 1 LED

• Color macro function

• 8~60° zoom range

• Ultra-fast head shaking speed

• Precise positioning

• Automatically repair displacement

• Overheating protection

400W cutting light

main feature :

• 400W super bright white LED

• Color rendering index, TLCI is as high as 95

• A color wheel, RGBCMY color + cooling film

• 4 gratings realize fast and smooth cutting, and the cutting direction and angle of each grating can be controlled independently

• The entire cutting module can be rotated

• Electric zoom

• Linear aperture

• Double atomization effect (heavy atomization + light atomization)

• Studio mode ultra-quiet operation

• RDM-DMX control

Color sky curtain light

Main features:

• 175 Watt RGBW LED

• Super bright, wide angle, uniform light effect

• Compatible with DMX and RDM protocols

• High frequency without flicker

• LCD liquid crystal display

• Easy to use

• PWM 1.2-20 KHz optional

Wonderful moment

Stage play "Xun Qin" stills